Real Time with Bill Maher

S19E18 Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rachel Bitecofer, Rob Reiner

This week features a one-on-one, in-studio interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural History, host of the Webby-Nominated podcast "StarTalk," and author of the new book "Cosmic Queries." This week's in-studio panel discussion will include political scientist and co-founder of Strike PAC, Rachel Bitecofer; and filmmaker and activist Rob Reiner.



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A religion is a belief system with rituals. The missionary kopimistsamfundet is a religious group centered in Sweden who believe that copying and the sharing of information is the best and most beautiful that is. To have your information copied is a token of appreciation, that someone think you have done something good.

  • * All knowledge to all
  • * The search for knowledge is sacred
  • * The circulation of knowledge is sacred
  • * The act of copying is sacred.